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4x4 Response is made up from a community in your community, a group of ordinary people going the extra mile in support of our Local Authorities and Emergency Services at times of need when its clear a 4x4 is needed. We are a group of experienced volunteer 4x4 owners that can provide support in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  

BHC 4x4 Response is one of several such groups around the country. Formed from dedicated volunteer 4x4 owners who wish to put something back into the community and show the responsible side of 4x4 ownership. These groups work in support of each other, sharing standards and information through 4x4 Response, the National Network for response groups. BHC 4x4 Response is a member of the National Network:

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To respond and support the emergency services and all emergency response teams at a time of need and want in the delivery of improved safety to the community
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