December 2022 AGM

Beds Herts & Cambs Land Rover Club LIMITED

Notice is herby given of the 2022/2023 Annual General Meeting


Tuesday 6th December 2022 starting at 7:30 PM


The Green Man, Stanford, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom SG18 9JD




Attendance count to satisfy quorum

No business other than the appointment of the Chairwoman of the meeting is to be transacted at a general meeting if the persons attending it do not constitute a quorum.

The quorum for a general meeting is the lower of:

  • 15 Members participating in that meeting in person or by proxy or;
  • 20% of total number of Members at the date of the meeting

Every Full, Additional Member (Adult), Additional Member (Junior aged 13-17), Life and Complimentary Member, other than the Chairman shall have one vote.  P.S. Family Members have a vote each.

Apologies received from

  • John Henry Robinson
  • Neill Cambell
  • John Argent

In the chair

Sarah Drew

Minutes of the annual general meeting held on 7th December 2021

See Appendix 5

Matters arising from those minutes

  • None

Acceptance of those minutes

  • Proposed by Chris Woor
  • Seconded by Paul Winfield
  • Carried Unanimously

Committee Members Reports

Treasurer’s Report

And presentation of accounts for the period 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2022

COLIN will present the accounts which had been circulated in advance at appendix 1.  Subscriptions will stay unchanged.

Report to be added

  • Proposed by Ian Drew
  • Seconded by Steve Woor
  • Carried Unanimously

Secretary’s Report

John reports that Companies House is up to date and in order. We have NO resignations from the Committee this year.  A nomination form is at appendix 3 if you would like to offer your services.

  • Proposed by Colin Argent
  • Seconded by Sarah Drew
  • Carried Unanimously

Membership Secretary’s Report

The new website has been handling all new membership and renewal activity this year without a problem and, as a result, I have stopped maintaining the old Excel based membership database. I still, however, keep a paper record of the principal membership related activity.

Interestingly the new website has had 173,563 visits this year to date (6/12/22) of which 289 were logins by members. The underlying engine of the website keeps a lot of data and provides us with an insight as to our general visibility as well as maintaining our membership administration and database processes.

The web-based system issues renewal notices one month before expiry and a reminder at expiry. If members do not renew promptly they are listed as expired members so they can be relisted if they subsequently renew. However, it is easier for everyone if you renew promptly on receiving the first reminder.

All new joiners and renewals are communicated directly to me from the website. Colin also sends me a copy of the email he gets automatically from PayPal documenting that account activity. I then issue the appropriate membership cards under the appropriate covering letter.

It would be nice to think we could incorporate a MotorSportUK type membership card facility into the website at some stage in the future so that we can dispense with membership secretary’s duties altogether (except, maybe, for oversight and non-standard issues).

The table below indicates the current (and recent historical) membership status.

31 January 20216515888
5 December 20216815083
6 December 202264150*79
* there has been 37 memberships expire and 27 new members this year to date. The new website based membership management does not handle overdue memberships. If you don’t pay up on time you are relisted as an expired member.

So, the past year has seen the succesful adoption of a new website and its incorporated membership administration functions; for which I must, once again, call out Michael Hardy for all his efforts. In respect of the membership, we don’t appear to have suffered much from the traumas of COVID and there has been a steady stream of new joiners to offset the loss of existing members. At the end of the day we all like to muck about in our off-roaders and no virus (or anything else for that matter) is going to get in the way!

  • Proposed by Paul Vernon
  • Seconded by Daniel Drew
  • Carried Unanimously

Competitions Secretary’s Report

We started off the year in January with an RTV at Spellbrook which was well attended and full of enthusiasm coming out of Covid.  Weston Underwood in March was cancelled owing to the site being water logged, which was disappointing but understandable owing to the rain fall we had had.

We then picked up with Whitwell in May and again there was a great turnout with a really good mix of vehicles and capabilities.  Quainton in July was a quieter trial, but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those who attended.

Next was the Autotest at Codicote in September which can be summed up as boys and their toys playing in a field.  It was great fun and something we will look to do again next year.  Twinney Woods RTV came next in October which was really enjoyed by all with some excellent sections set out, but it did result in me breaking my car… oops!

We haven’t had much luck with rain and Weston Underwood this year, as we had to cancel the Fireworks trial arranged for November, however we do have the Whitwell Christmas trial to look forward to on 11 Dec and the land owner has agreed to us having our fireworks then.  Look out for more info on the Facebook group and website, but we will look to take the catering trailer too so we can all warm up a little before the fireworks.

All in all its been another good year with everyone who attends the trials having a good time and learning more about the capability of their vehicle.  I will look to arrange more trials for the coming year, but it is getting increasingly difficult with site closures.  My one ask moving into next year is if people could give me an indication on numbers looking to attend each event as myself and my helpers do give up quite a bit of time in the setting up, which can on occasion be disproportionate to the level of interest on the day. 

  • Proposed by Michael Hardy
  • Seconded by Chris Woor
  • Carried Unanimously

Safeguarding Officers Report

Unavailable at time of AGM.

  • Proposed by
  • Seconded by
  • Carried

Social Secretary’s Report

Monthly pub nights have been taking place throughout the year, still as virtual in January but we went back to in person in February and it has been really nice to see numbers increasing again, even if the main reason is more likely the return of the Stanford Man pizza rather than the company!

In April, some of BHC went on a camping/ green laning tour of Yorkshire.  The first night was a washout and some of us (namely me!) did wonder if we were beyond crazy going to Yorkshire that early in the year, but the weather improved as did the scenery, and we were even spotted by a member of our club who was up there with another club… what were the chances!  We also had a social day in Masham which may have involved a magical bus ride and a day spent in 2 breweries followed by fish and chips.  It was really good fun and something which we are looking to start doing more officially as a club, so look out for future events.

We also had the 2 fantastic shows this year at Billing in June and Peterborough in September – The Billing plot was a brilliant one and one which we will look to request for next year.  Peterborough was very sad as timing-wise the Queen had just passed, however thanks to Colin we had a flag and made sure we were obliging of all lowering and re-raisings.  The show was however fab for the club as we got to showcase our new banner which was so expertly put together by Michael and Daniel… well done lads!  We also had a more engaging set up to the pitch which attracted a lot of interest and passers by stopping to chat, as well as signing up some new members.  We had a great hog roast on the Saturday night and there may have also been some drinking too, as it was also young Daniel’s 18th birthday, so of course us older ones had to show him how it’s done!

I will look to arrange similar events for next year, but as I am only covering this role due to a vacancy on the committee, it could really do with someone stepping forward to bring the social side to life more, as let’s face it we are a sociable club, I just don’t have the capacity to do all the organising so it would be fab if someone came to join the party… literally! 

  • Proposed by Steve Woor
  • Seconded by Colin Argent
  • Carried Unanimously

Communications Officers Report

Website memberships are currently being processed through the website and after a year of operation it was noticed that members who signed up or renewed last year where having automatic payments taken from the website. The club believes it is the members choice to renew membership, therefore all PayPal subscriptions where cancelled on 7th November 2022 which may have resulted in a ‘Cancellation’ email. This simply cancelled the subscription with PayPal and not the membership.

Next task on the list is aligning the events, currently we have a hybrid between Facebook and the website, we would like one source of truth that can be displayed without a Facebook account and also requires the least management for the dedicated committee members.

I would finally like to recognise Daniel Drew for his awesome photos and for setting up and running the BHCLRC instagram account. He has uploaded some great photos and has had messages and followers from all around the world engaging and asking questions about who we are and what we do. For those who have not seen it, please head over and check it out:

  • Proposed by Colin Argent
  • Seconded by Ian Drew
  • Carried Unanimously

Greenlanes Officers Report

Apologies but I am not able to come along tonight not to join in on-line.

For Green Lanes 202/23 I have already told Sarah and Ian that I want to stand down. However, if you do not have a replacement yet I am prepared to carry on as Interim Green Lanes Officer until you/we find someone!

Next Outing is a jaunt in Norfolk on Sunday 18 December and we presently have room for 3 more vehicles. Start will be -90.30 either Kings Lynn or Swaffham and end up either at start area or wherever we are at 3pm so folk can head home. Will be non scratchy and very little mud but often many puddles! Grateful if one of you can inform those at the meeting tonight.

  • Proposed by Chris Woor
  • Seconded by Matt Walker
  • Carried Unanimously

Chairwoman’s Report

Since taking on the role from Russ and an interim period covered by John, I feel I have had the easier ride with the world returning pretty much to normal post covid.  It has been great that we have been able to enjoy events and socials again and with new members and a general happy buzz around the club, making improvements and enhancements to club assets such as the refresh of the club clothing range with a new supplier, the new banner with more banners in the making and seeing the catering trailer in use again, with the committee looking to make improvements to it for the comfort of all.

The only food for thought I would give is that a club is only as good as its members and the enthusiasm they bring.  We are lucky to have some really dedicated members on our committee who do not want the club to fail.  We have a lovely family feel and whilst we all have our moments of being competitive, nothing is ever taken too seriously and it is more about having members enjoy their vehicle in a safe manner and ultimately, having fun!  We are carrying a couple of vacancies and some committee members could do with deputies or willing hands to help.  Could I just ask that you support the club where you can so we can all continue to enjoy and learn.  Thank you

  • Proposed by Paul Winfield
  • Seconded by Matt Walker
  • Carried Unanimously

Election of Officers

Committee Members

This explains the position of the incumbent Member at the time of Notice for the AGM. 

Please see Appendix 2 for Job Descriptions for your information.

Any Member can stand for any of the roles below with the support of a Proposer and Seconder and use of the Nomination Form at Appendix 3.

Chairman / Chairwoman & a Director

Sarah Drew is available and willing to continue the role

Company Secretary & a Director

John Robinson is available, and willing to continue the role.

Treasurer & a Director

Colin Argent is available, and willing to continue the role.

Communications Officer

Michael Hardy is available, and willing to continue the role.

Social Officer

Vacant – Nominations requested

Competitions Officer

Ian Drew is available, and willing to continue the role.

Green Roads Officer

Neill Campbell is available, and willing to continue the role.

Membership Officer

Tony Froud is available, and willing to continue the role.

Safeguarding Officer

Gail Parfitt is available, and willing to continue the role.

Non-Committee Roles

Sales Officer

Matt Walker is available, and willing to continue the role.


All in favour of the election of officers En-bloc.


Any other business will not be discussed at the AGM.  At the end of the AGM a discussion will follow. Points raised for consideration will be taken to the next Committee meeting for consideration.

All business shall be deemed special that is transacted at an Annual General Meeting, with the exception of the consideration of the accounts, balance sheets, and the reports of the Directors and auditors, the election of Directors in place of those retiring and the appointment of, and the fixing of the remuneration, of the auditors.

Appendix 1

Beds Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club Limited

Accounts for the period 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2022

Income 2022 £ 2021 £
 Memberships£777 £1220
 Trials£960 £1,061.00
Birthday Bash£300
 Income £2,372.00 £2,294.00 
Birthday Bash-£1,103
 Green Lanes-£59-£59.00
 Expenditure -£3,445-£2,151.00
 NET PROFIT (LOSS) (£1,073) £143.00
 Bank & Cash £3,557 £4,630
Comparable accounts for 2020 and 2019 can be seen in appendix 5.

Appendix 2


General responsibilities for all officers include assisting in the business and activities in running the club, as well as attending a monthly meeting and providing a short monthly report;

Below are the specifics against each of the roles;

  • Chairperson – Committee role
    • To manage and run meetings against the agreed Agenda
    • To take lead on resolving any difficulties
    • Provide support to Committee members
    • Be the public face of the Club
  • Company Secretary – Committee role
    • Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted
    • Maintaining effective records and administration including at Companies House and HMRC.
    • Committee communication and correspondence
  • Treasurer – Committee role
    • General financial management
    • Financial reporting
    • Banking, book-keeping and record keeping
  • Membership Secretary – Committee Role
    • Receive membership applications and verify acceptability
    • Issue membership cards and stickers
    • Manage subscriptions on acceptance and annually
    • Maintain privacy of membership details.
  • Competitions Officer – Committee role
    • Agree competition dates for year, booking sites as appropriate
    • Manage setting out and taking down as required for the competition
    • Manage (or delegate) for Competition day(s)
    • Competitions Secretary – Committee role
    • To assist Competitions Officer as needed for the events
    • Carry out Administration support and liaise with MSUK for permits etc. required
  • Greenlanes Officer – Committee role
    • Agree green lane dates for year, and publish/co-ordinate attendees and leaders
    • Manage maps and leader groups as required for the green lane areas (Keeping an eye on any Closures noted)
    • Manage (or delegate) for green lane day(s)
  • Communications and website Officer – Committee role
    • Maintain the web site and Facebook sites
    • Consolidate content and publish occasional electronic newsletters to members
    • Maintain the ‘Mailchimp’ and Forum membership lists against current member lists
  • Social Officer – Committee role
    • To manage club events at 4×4 shows etc.
    • To agree, publish and manage occasional club social nights
  • Child Protection Officer – Committee role
    • Comply with the CPO laws and regulations
    • Handle any complaints.
    • Report to the authorities as appropriate.
  • Club Shopkeeper (non committee role)
    • Acquire suitable supplies which will be of interest to the Club Members.
    • Record and control stock items in a register.
    • Market and sell items to Club Members, recording the sales income and account to the Treasurer with the sales proceeds.
  • Equipment Officer – (non committee role)
    • Acquire suitable supplies which will be of interest to the Club Members and their Club activities.
    • Record and control stock items in a register and to whom they are loaned out to.
    • Market and sell items that become surplus to requirements.
    • Recording the sales income and account to the Treasurer with the sales proceeds. Sensitively disposing of scrapped items.

If you think you can help and assist by doing or just helping any of these roles in their club business, then please get in touch.


Beds Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club LIMITED Nomination Form


No person who is not a Member of the Company shall in any circumstances be eligible to hold office as a Member of the Committee.

Nomination forms should reach the Secretary before the start time of the meeting at 13 Old Garden Court, St Albans, AL34RQ, Herts, or at the meeting.

Committee Position______________________________________________

Nominee Name_____________________________________________________

Membership Number_______________________Paid up Y/N________

Signature __________________________________________________

Proposer Name_____________________________________________________

Membership Number________________________Paid up Y/N_______

Signature __________________________________________________

Seconder Name_____________________________________________________

Membership Number________________________Paid up Y/N_______

Signature __________________________________________________


Approved in order by the Membership Secretary________________________


Beds Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club LIMITED Proxy Instrument

I ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________Membership Number_______Paid up Y/N

Address and Post Code ­_________________________________________________________________

Being a fully paid up Member of the Beds Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club, hereby appoint

Proxy Name _______________________________________Membership Number_______Paid up Y/N

Address and Post Code _________________________________________________________________

To be my proxy in all matters regarding the 2016 AGM.

Signed ____________________________________________________________________ Member

Signed _______________________________________________________________Proxy Appointee

 Date Executed______________________________________________________________________

  1. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in Writing under the hand of the appointer or of his or her attorney duly authorised in Writing, or, if the appointer is a corporation, either under seal or under the hand of an officer or attorney duly authorised.  A proxy need not be a Member of the Company.
  2. The instrument appointing a proxy and the power of attorney or other authority, if any, under which it is signed or a notarially certified copy of that power or authority shall be deposited at the registered office of the Company or at such other place within the United Kingdom as it is specified for that purpose in the notice convening the meeting, not less than 48 hours before the time of holding the meeting or adjourned meeting at which the person named in the instrument proposes to vote, or in the case of a poll, not less than 24 hours before the time appointed for the taking of the poll, and in default the instrument of proxy shall not be treated as valid.


  • An instrument appointing a proxy shall be in a form decided as appropriate from time to time by the Committee and shall be designed to fit the circumstances of the meeting at which it is to be utilised.
  • The instrument appointing a proxy shall be deemed to confer authority to demand or join in demanding a poll.
  • A vote given in accordance with the terms of an instrument of proxy shall be valid notwithstanding the previous death or insanity of the principal or revocation of the proxy or of the authority under which the proxy was executed, provided that no intimation in Writing of such death, insanity or revocation as aforesaid shall have been received by the Company at the office before the commencement of the meeting or adjourned meeting at which the proxy is used.

Appendix 5

December 2021 AGM Minutes can be found here


John H Robinson, Company Secretary

27th September 2021

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